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Internet is basically everything nowadays. A lot of ppl do their main job online ,others use it to get a social life & new friends... some of them use it to fill the void in the vacations and weekend .. Yeah you can do everything on the net .one of the most bothering things that makes me suffering is shopping .. i'm different
shopping stress me out i mean walking for hours & hours trying  to find something fits your style / budget / size , taken off your clothes & wearing 'em again over 'n over cause anxiety ..
that's why i prefer shopping online i find it way better .. you can save time 'n effort .
in algeria it's a little bit complicated to shop on web sites simply because of our coins most time it's not available or we have an issues with the bank account that's why i decided to show you how we can order easily 'n correctly so we don't lose our money.
first of all :
if your country coin is not available all yo gotta do is choosing dollar of euro and use THE MONEY EXCHANGER to know how it equal.

here's an examples (phone/laptop)

1.Before you start shopping on a website you must open an account there it's simple all you have to do is writing your Email / name ... just follow the tips ( it's almost like opponen an instagram or facebook account). careful when you choose a site especially the asian the quality is bad most time(watch reviews on youtube ).
3.choose the language it's in the top bar in site (you'll find english cuz it's internationalyou can change it ).
4.Pick the kinda money you wanna deal with it's in the top bar also.
5.When you open an account you'll get points to collect so you can win free products it's all most like Fidelity card. we can start our shopping , you'll find the articles in pics look through 'me until you find something please you . on the pics so you can get a closer lookwhen the piece  of clothes is wearing by a model it's way easier to judge if it's good or nah( a tip ).
8.choose your size , some clothes are ''one size for everyone'' avoid 'me because it's not logical to fit everyone on earth (bullshitting you ).
Take one size bigger than yours cause it's false sizes.
9.some stuff has many colors choose the one that you like.
10.Add it to the shopping bag . on the bag to get a quick view . on Complete the purchase.
13.a page will come you must fill it .. follow the instruction . we must pay.. you'll find paying through ''paypal" " mastercard" " visa card"
for paypal and mastercard you must be working online for algeria we use visacard you have to get one . you must enter your card number.
16.finally they send you on your Email everything.. after 15 days or more sometimes you'll get your order.
SO that's it i hope it helps you a bit to start shopping online ill post some sites where you can shop safely , i hope you enjoyed it , see ya later byyye.
hi before you go ↓


i found this 2 website it only for algeria stuff there are super cheap
but ordering there it's a little bit different cause you pay when you receive the products
it's better for us but the bad side is we don't have a big opportunity to choose (as always i mean it's DZ xD.. what :3).
To avoid ⇩


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