Tuesday, July 10, 2018


   *Hello my  friends and welcome to my blog !!* 

As You have seen in the title , to day i'm gonna share with you 50 FACTS about me ...
i've seen this everywhere lately on youtube so i said why not ; here i am today doing it
i hope this will please you ...so yea , don't forget to have fun scrolling down & discovering how weirdo i am
without any further do , LET'S GO !
1.I don't trust ppl easily ,& i've some serious trust issues.
2.I'm 19 yo , so i'm a 98's baby.
3.I always thought that i'm 1m55 BUT i ended up figuring out that actually i'm 1m60
(PS: this 5cm means a lot for me :') okay.)
5.I live in algeria.
6.My grandma is an italian, so i'm a half algerian & the rest comes from italy ,
YAS honey ( i'm so proud of this origin tbh xD kiding )
7.I believe in the existence of true love , & i hope i'll find it someday .
8.When i'm under shock i don't cry i just stand stone ; physically & emotionally, it's so weird but that's how it is(u can call it drama idc xD)
9.I love makeup , but i don't wear that mush outdoor.

10.When i see someone in trouble, or going through something really shitty ...and start felling like i  wanna cry for 'em i don't , i can't ;i automatically start laughing til death, you can call me a psychopath but it's the ugly  truth.
11.I can be so productive, BUT i'm still the biggest procrastinator.
12.I have a teeth gap , always had it & i hate it xD ... they say it brings good luck but it's a lie Or let me say a "MYTH"  :3
13.I hate maths , i REALLY do ... although i study it hard but every time i end up crying over it test :333.
14.When i decide that i'm over somebody , it's almost like he's dead for me
that's so cold , i admit it
 i mean deleting ppl from my life and try to figure it out without 'em
& suddenly they show up again... well this unacceptable.

15.I like watching movies more than series ,So i'm a movies person.
16.I find making friendships on internet is way easier and more honest;
the conversation goes easily & you can get to know the truth of that "one person" if u know what i mean .
17.I really hate ppl who try to build their confidence on humiliating others.

19.I've never finished a serie .
20.Since 4 years i didn't cut my hair but it doesn't get taller :( .
21.I speak 5 languages : Arabic , French , English, sarcasm and silence :).
22.I adore chocolate & i eat it EVERYDAY
BUT the weird thing is : i'm allergic to chocolate as well </3.
23.I'm still confused about the idea of being " feminist"most of the girls that i know in real life published stuff about that on social media ( that they're with )but in true life they try to break each other ; with no support for the " girls power" at all , so i'm not with supporting such bitches and that's y i'm not a feminist ...somehow.
24.I have an addiction to highlighter ❤.
25.I'm a peaceful person, i hate problems & i avoid 'em all time , but if somebody tries to prove some i delete him from my life.

26.I watch tons & tons of youtube videos , i abuse.
27.Once i'm into someone i can't think or talk with another guy normally;& it's called "loyalty"
28.I have got my "driver's license", but i'm not that good.
29.I adore running , but i can run freely because of people mentality here.
30.I find dogs & pets in general so cute , but i can't stay near of them less than 1m
cause i've no idea what they'll do ( they don't know neither)  i find dat terrifying.
31.I don't know how to swim , it's so hard for me & i don't think i'll ever be capable xD .
32.I can't sleep if a room unless it's completely dark.
33.I hate insects , it's not a phobia i just can't be okay with being surrounded with .
34.I've never finished a serie :).
35.I hate eggs , & i'm allergic to it .
36.I never eat breakfast .
37.I'm not a big fan of kids , i mean they're cute but so devilish.
38.I'm always late ALWAYSSS ><.
39.I experienced all of "kinda heartbreaks'' :
i was left by my best friend in my hardest days
i failed at achieving to my goal at school , couldn't get in the school i've always wanted to be in 
a son of bitch breaked my heart (sorry not sorry for the words).
40.I have a gray iphone6 .
41.I'm organized , but a big mess at the same time.

42.I've got 2 brothers, so i'm the older sis ,& the only :3.
43.I like cooking , but only the things that i like (chocolate stuff...).

44.I don't hv pet's in my house .
45.I can be so annoying.
46.I've never been in a relationship with a guy. (single AF, by choice x'D) .
47.i'm a shy guuurl , so shy.... & lazy as well.
48.I have a weakness for guys with medical glasses.
49.Reading quotes is my thing.
50.I don't finish what i start.
                                                        This was the last fact about me in this list , don't forget to follow & contact me on social media ;don't hesitate to comment down below ,byyye <3.

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